I Have a Question
  • Do I need to be Methodist, Presbyterian or Lutheran to attend/join LCM? NO!  While many of our members have a Methodist, Presbyterian or Lutheran connection, many of them do not.  We weLCoMe all students of all backgrounds.  Our purpose is to provide an inclusive environment of fellowship and discussion, which includes a Christian foundation.  Come Join us!


  • What if I've Never Been to Church? That's okay!  Anyone is welcome to attend and join, and our time together is meant to be an exploration of faith for everyone, despite religious (or non-religious) background.  


  • What if I don't agree with all your views? No worries!  We don't have all the answers, but we do have many questions.  Bring your questions with you and we can all learn together.  


  • What Can I Expect if I Come to a weLCoMe Wednesday Meeting? You can expect to share a time of friendship and conversation with a delicious dessert.  


  • Who Can I Contact for More Information? You are welcome to contact our Campus Pastor, JP Carlson.  JP can be reached at jp@lutherancats.org or by cell at (402)613-1973