Meet Our Team

Meet Our 2023-2024 Student Leadership Team

Frank Harney - President
Major:  Music Education
Classification:  Senior
Hometown:  Bozeman, MT
Fun Fact:  Drum Major for the Spirit of the West Marching Band a Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp Counselor!
Sam Neavill - Vice President
Major:  Forrest Services
Classification:  Sophomore
Hometown:  Richland, WA
Media Rep - Caroline Higa
Major:  Pharmaceuticals
Classification:  Post Graduate
Hometown:  Los Angeles, CA
Morgan Neavill - LCM Leadership Team
Major:  Psychological Science 
Classification:  Third Year Ph.D.
Hometown:  Tri-Cities, WA
Fun Fact:  Loves to read, bake, knit and embroider
Ricardo Caldeira - LCM Leadership Team
Major:  Business Analytics
Hometown:  San Paulo, Brazil
Fun Fact:  Loves Montana especially the nature and winter sports.
2022-2023 Board of Directors
  • Pastor JP Carlson
  • Pastor Lindean Barnett Christenson - Vice President
  • Pastor Joel Brosten
  • Pastor Heidi Hester - President
  • Audrae Coury
  • Rolf Groseth
  • Terry Leist - Treasurer
  • Frank Harney - MSU Student Representative
  • Dr. Brent Rosso
  • Dr. John Sheppard - Faculty Advisor
  • Jake Ulgenes
  • Pam King - First Presbyterian Church of Bozeman
  • Ann Dickensheets - Bozeman United Methodist Church